• Synbiotech will wish you auspicious monkey year in 2016!
  • In 2015, we thank all the way with your support and trust. In the future, we will, as always, with you to create brilliant! On the occasion of the Spring Festival, to give you the most sincere wishes and greetings!

    In 2016, we wish you auspicious monkey  year, prosperous business, plentiful money and treasures, prosperity, and the dukedom  immediately!

    During the Chinese new year, family and friends have a joyous gathering, after a quick drink if there was gastrointestinal discomfort? That is because you have a large amount workload   of gastrointestinal probiotics, exhausted, and do not forget to add new probiotics !


    Synbiotech science and technology group will provide high  quality probiotics and application solutions, covering catering, B2B food industry, animal husbandry, medicine and other, serving the green health of the whole industry chain, start a healthy life, may wish to start from probiotics.

    Gastrointestinal discomfort, loss of appetite, constipation, lethargic, adults fortunately, if you touch the baby diarrhea, allergies, just worry about the things! What do we do, regulation of gastrointestinal function, supplemented with probiotics, so much probiotics on the market , how to choose?

    " Synbiotech science and technology group " & "Yishenglizeng" company  increase the effort to build the probiotic products for you to solve the above problems.


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